Aarik Duncan’s artistic voyage is a testament to transformation. From his Gospel roots, he embraced the realm of inspirational artistry, wielding instruments-drums, keys, bass, guitar-with mastery. His compositions, intricately woven with healing chord progressions, reverberate with profound emotion. The birth of NiiTO in 2014 signified a pivotal juncture, encapsulating his creative evolution. Aarik Duncan’s music isn’t just auditory; it’s an immersive odyssey through the landscapes of emotion and sonic ingenuity.
Brandin St. Clair is a singer/songwriter based in Washington D.C. She began cultivating her craft at 13 years old and started training as a professional vocalist at 16. She draws from a wide range of musical influences such as Sade, Daft Punk, Astrud Gilberto, Imogen Heap and Gorillaz. Brandin St. Clair sings across genres to help tell stories of love, joy, and heartbreak, that people of all races, gender identity, and backgrounds can relate to. Her recently released songs are a mixture of Bedroom Pop and Neo-Soul.”
Steven Thad (Stephen Leslie, Jr.) has always been a musical individual. As a kid, he and his sisters would accompany their parents to many choir rehearsals where they would pick up on harmonies and even conduct their own a cappella sessions once they returned home. As a trio, they were able to garner success as the Billboard-charting gospel group, Trilogy. Now, Steven’s passion for singing is stronger than ever as he uses his songwriting abilities to forge his own path as a solo artist.
In October of 2022, he took it upon himself to pay tribute to R&B, the style of music that he most resonates with. The lushious harmonies and memorable melodies in songs like “RNB,” “Do You Remember?,” and “Goodbye, Farewell” off of his first project, “Love, R&B,” truly showcased the love that he has for this genre. Not to mention, he wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered this entire album by himself in his bedroom!
Now, with the help of Grammy-nominated producer, Dana Soréy, he’s got an incredible deluxe edition that showcases what he can do LIVE. “Love, R&B (Deluxe)” takes Steven’s original material to an entirely new level with live versions of the songs that his audience has deeply fallen in love with, and you’ll want to listen (and watch) over and over again!

Experience the love, heartbreak, and ultimate triumph that Steven takes listeners through with his every breath, note, and lyric. “Love, R&B (Deluxe)” is available everywhere!

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Age Restrictions - All Ages

Supporting Acts - Brandin St Clair and Steven Thad

Door Time - 07:00 PM

Show Time - 08:00 PM


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2024-06-30 @ 08:00 PM to
2024-06-30 @ 11:00 PM

Door Time: 07:00 pm

Show Time: 08:00 pm



540 Penn St NE Washington DC 20002

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