Fourth N’ Oak

Fourth N’ Oak
Fourth N’ Oak is a DMV hip-hop collective consisting of GloverOfficial, JUDO THE EMPEROR, Mettaworldzeke, Troy IV and Will Kobus. These are five friends who love to test the walls of experimental Rap and R&B, each through their own unique tastes and perspectives. Although they frequently collaborate with each other, all members of the group are currently working on their own solo projects.
GloverOfficial aka yungshmoove is a producer/rapper/singer and co-creator of the algorithm collective. Reigning from PG County, Maryland, he’s been creating and releasing music for 11 years. He recently put out two collaboration projects with Will Kobus titled “on our own two feet” and “standing on bidness”. He has upcoming projects with both Magnus Andretti, Troy IV, and oLivegreen in the works expected to drop this year. He enjoys long walks on the beach and watching married at first sight.

26-year-old Troy IV is an artist looking to redefine himself internally as he works through the emotional and mental nuances of adulthood. His introspective, sometimes playful flows are complemented by soulful, lush self-produced instrumentals that address his desire to find purpose, exude outward success and leave his comfort zone enabled by the 21st century.

Will Kobus is a 26 year old hip-hop artist from New Jersey but based out of DC. He’s someone who’s used his creative efforts to get a better gauge about himself and the world at large. He’s spent the majority of his time last year working alongside his friends JUDO THE EMPEROR, GloverOfficial, Mettaworldzeke and Troy IV, with a new full-length project slated to come out this summer.
Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland, the 23-year old rapp /producer has been steadily developing a soothing, reminiscent yet progressive sound that consists largely of introspective rhyme jargon over canvases of jazz and soul inspired loops since circa 2017.

JUDO THE EMPEROR strives to create an expansive discography that wholly captures the state of the 21st century through the lens of a young Nigerian-American’s imagination.

Mettaworldzeke is a rapper from Virginia, currently based in Maryland. His music, whether braggadocios or vulnerable, is a cathartic release of pent up ideas and emotions. Music is his vessel for exploration of self, and he strives to understand his inner-workings better and display that through song.

His most recent project, “it takes a village”, is a collaborative effort with Will Kobus that released on March 19th, 2023. He’s gearing up to drop his follow-up mixtape later this year.

Precious Jewel


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Age Restrictions - All Ages

Supporting Acts - Precious Jewel and Jahlil

Show Time - 08:00 PM


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2024-05-23 @ 08:00 PM to
2024-05-23 @ 11:00 PM

Show Time: 08:00 pm



540 Penn St NE Washington DC 20002

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