We’re Stolen Gin, a dance-funk quintet from New York City. We’re known for our high-energy live act and avid improvisation – we never play songs the same way twice. We first came together playing college parties on NYC rooftops, and our goal then was the same as it is now: to make every gig feel like a party, and to keep people dancing.

Deadbeat Girl, or Val Olson, is a 20-year-old indie-rock alternative singer-songwriter from South Florida, currently based in New York City. 
 Deadbeat Girl writes spontaneously and from a place of stark honesty and authenticity. The notes and lyrics embody their emotional vulnerability. Val puts it very simply: “when it comes, that’s when I write.” Deadbeat Girl’s candid accounts of heartbreak, identity, and rebellion translate into a relatable story of finding oneself. They say of their songs: “I want people to feel seen”, as Val did through the works of their favorite artists, from adolescence and into adulthood. Deadbeat Girl wants to create a replayable soundtrack for her listeners, saying “I would love for my music to hold memories for others.” Her songs are tributes to the beloved music of her childhood and testimonies to her own emotions and experiences. Deadbeat Girl is a new look into the daringly unafraid side of a musician with an overwhelming willingness to be oneself and to share it with the world.

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Age Restrictions - All Ages

Supporting Acts - Deadbeat Girl

Door Time - 07:00 PM

Show Time - 08:00 PM


Date And Time

2024-04-12 @ 07:00 PM to
2024-04-12 @ 10:30 PM

Door Time: 07:00 pm

Show Time: 08:00 pm



540 Penn St NE Washington DC 20002

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