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Flowers for the Dead is the DC-based alternative rock project of guitarist/vocalist Jessie Szegö, bassist Ella Buskirk, and drummer Ten Bears. Their first release in October of 2021 being a 5 song EP titled ‘Nova’, engineered by local hardcore producer Don Zientara. Despite being only 5 songs long, Nova displayed an array of musical ideas. Toying with odd time signatures and guitar effects, all while nodding to the band’s influence of 90s rock and alternative. Sonically very dark and gritty with lyrics mirroring that unsettling feeling; tackling themes of depression, temptation, and death.

Following the release of Nova, Szegö released the band’s debut album ‘Quiet Corrosion in the Dancing Hall’ in June of 2022. Quiet Corrosion saw the band expanding on their previous sound, while leaning more into indie rock and elements of shoegaze.

Hubble is a guitar rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by @tannerrowan

Many moons ago, Joe Easley (drums) and Eric Axelson (bass) were in the Dismemberment Plan, and met Leigh Thompson (guitar), who was in the Vehicle Birth — the bands were good friends and played a bunch of shows together. The Dismemberment Plan released their records on DeSoto; Vehicle Birth on Crank. A few moons later, Joe, Eric, and Leigh played in Statehood with the legendary Clark Sabine in Washington, D.C. After Clark passed away from melanoma in 2009, the rest of the band tried to keep playing, but it just didn’t feel right.

Fourteen years later, and thanks to broadband, we now have Milliseconds. Leigh lives in Philadelphia. Joe in DC. Eric in Richmond. Once a week they head into their own basements, hundreds of miles apart, and go online for band practice. Like some bizarre Zoom call for band practice, Joe clicks in, and everyone starts on the one. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

Milliseconds started in the wake of the Dismemberment Plan reunion shows in 2014. Joe found an online service that let bands practice remotely, gave it a test drive, and sent some emails to friends to see who wanted to play. Eric and Leigh did. Early on it went like this: mess with a riff someone brought…devolve into playing “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” Mess with another riff for a bit…segue into “Walking on the Moon”…fix some tech and latency issues…new riff, but switch to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” instead. You get the picture. But then riffs started turning into songs. Three songs turned into six, and it started to feel more like a band.

But that band also didn’t have a singer. More emails to more friends resulted in zero new members, and still no singer. So one day Eric decided to try and write melodies and words to some of the early songs. It’s important to know that singing is one of his lifelong anxieties, like cold sweat-panic attack anxiety, to the point where at birthday parties he’d mouth the words to “Happy Birthday,” at Christmas, mouth the words to all the carols, even in the car alone he’d rather drum along than sing along to pop songs.

Enter: Vocal Growth Montage Scene.

1) Eric has a few drinks and tries to sing in a practice, it’s awkward
2) Signs up with a vocal teacher, and when asked “ok, repeat back to me what I sing” replies “out loud?”
3) Sings a Queens of the Stone Age song in a vocal recital at an elementary school (has a minor panic attack in the grocery store an hour later…like panic echo, of sorts)
4) Gets frustrated, stops vocal lessons
5) Gets unfrustrated and starts with J. Robbins’ vocal teacher, Pete
6) Lots and lots of drills…think the dance montage in The Breakfast Club, but in head voice
7) Lots of trial and error of melody and lyric writing
8) Slowly gets comfortable singing in front of the band
9) Finally 12 songs get completed, the skies clear, a rainbow appears, puppies and kittens spill out onto the lawn — and, scene.




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Age Restrictions - All Ages

Supporting Acts - Milliseconds and Hubble

Door Time - 07:00 PM

Show Time - 08:00 PM


Date And Time

2024-06-06 @ 08:00 PM to
2024-06-06 @ 11:00 PM

Door Time: 07:00 pm

Show Time: 08:00 pm



540 Penn St NE Washington DC 20002

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